Georgetown, Guyana

The Feast of Tabernacles will be held again this year in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, and the brethren there look forward to welcoming you warmly. Guyana is on the northern coast of South America and is the only country in South America to be officially English-speaking, though most of the population speaks an English-based creole language. The impressive historic architecture in the city reflects its heritage as a colony of the Netherlands and of Britain, though it has been independent for almost 50 years. Although Georgetown has a year-round tropical rainforest climate, the temperature is moderated by the trade winds from the North Atlantic and the Feast falls during the driest months of the year.

The Feast of Tabernacles 2016 will be held at Regency Suites/Hotel (, close to the heart of the capital. The meeting hall is located on the ground floor with access gained through the restaurant. The hotel is close to many historic landmarks, sites of interest and restaurants and transportation to and from any location in Georgetown is easy and affordable. This site is open to a limited number of transfers so make your plans early and come enjoy the Feast with some warm and friendly Guyanese brethren.

We have an interesting mix of activities prepared for brethren this year without having a schedule that is too hectic. We look forward to seeing you in Georgetown, Guyana for the Feast.

NB: Be sure to click on the Accommodations and the More Info tabs for very important information regarding this site.

For more information about this site, please contact the Festival Coordinator.

Festival Coordinator/Contact: 
Mr. Damian R. Weekes
Phone: Cell (868) 358-4837; work (868) 672-5033; home (868) 672-5251
Email: [email protected]

And He said to them,

"Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

- Mark 16:15

Time Till The Feast!

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